A.D. Broadby is a debut self-publishing author who began writing as a way to battle Dyslexia. A feat that has taken many years to master.
"I was always afraid of words. Whether reading out loud alone or in front of a crowd, my Dyslexia would trip me up. But thanks to writing/storytelling it no longer has a chokehold on my life. Never let your fears hold you back. Face them, fight them, and never give up on your dreams."
A.D. Broadby lives in Australia and is a lover of chocolate, dogs, Sci-fi/fantasy, epic battles and gallantry... and a bit of romance.
A.D. Broadby Quote - "With our words we love, we fight, we create, we dream... but most importantly we live!"
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Gate to the Ancient Realm - BOOK 1

Seven winged warriors known as the Kyra... One innocent girl fighting for her life...

In a time when the Dragons roam and the War-dogs rage, the call of the Enarie Light has awoken the power of the Prophecy's Truth.

The threat of war is brewing and across the Land of Men wielders of sword and sorcery ready their weapons for battle, while the Kyra race against time and shadow in search of the Prophecy’s Truth.

For Ava of Ellie’dew, the arrival of the Kyra in her homeland marks the beginning of a perilous journey, one that may decide her fate but one she must endure for the sake of all that she holdsdear.

With only the Guardians of the Light and Baleden, one would-be knight, standing between her freedom and the demons of darkness, Ava must traverse invaded lands to reach the Gate to the Ancient Realm before all hope is lost.

Can the girl with crystal eyes outrun the darkness that hunts her? She is, after all, just a simple village lass... is she not?