A Prophecy’s Truth

The Realms of Erin’tarr

In a time when the dragons roam and the wardogs rage, the elemental light of Enaire has awoken the power of the Prophecy’s Truth...
But where, in the six realms, is it..?
Thus, the race to find it begins.

Ava of Elliedew

In a small cottage, in the middle of a meadow, surrounded by a forest, Ava lives a quiet unassuming life with her beloved mother... until the day the legendary Kyra arrives in her homeland. It is this day that marks the beginning of a perilous quest she most assuredly does not wish to participate in.
However, the threat of war is too great to ignore. With the overbearing Kyra leading the way, she has no choice but to trust their guidance because, unlike them, she knows nothing about wielding a sword and even less about their claims that she is somehow tied to the Prophecy’s Truth.
Indeed, they are mistaken... aren't they?

Rharn of the Kyra

For Rharn, protecting Ava will test his resolve beyond all measure. He is a warrior, an immortal farrion hardened by combat. He does not submit to emotion and yet... how can one innocent female erase centuries of self-discipline? With only the Kyra and one would-be knight standing between her freedom and the demons of Raggoth, will Ava survive the long arduous journey across the Land of Men before all hope is lost..?

If you like the romance of old-school fantasy, then you'll love this high-stakes magical adventure of good Vs. evil by author A.D. Broadby

Praise for Book 1 of the Legend and Myth Series...

"As a lover of the fantasy genre, my imagination was completely captured within this beautiful world. Congratulations to A.D. Broadby." - Booksprout Reviewer

"Excellent world building, well fleshed-out characters, and a great pace in the unfolding of the story." - Booksprout Reveiwer

"I love the way the author writes. It made me feel as if I was part of the story, as if I was living in this wonderful new world she has created." - Booksprout Reviewer

"The characters are well-drawn and complex, and very likable, displaying both light and shade." - Booksprout Reviewer

"The author approaches the story with a lightness and gentle humour which is both engaging and enjoyable." - Booksprout Reviewer

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Review Excerpt #1*
A.D. Broadby has a writing style that is easy to read. She is able to describe the locations and the characters very clearly so that as the story progressed the characters came to life with vivid and diverse backgrounds. I quickly felt empathy for the different characters as they faced the various challenges through this first book. With the beautifully described innocence of the main character and the vileness of the creatures of the dark. This is a wonderful debut and I eagerly await book 2.

Gate the the Ancient Realm

The Kyra killed for her once. They'll do it again!

The Realms of Erin'tarr

The guard kingdom of Arlithras has fallen.
The Shadow Gate has been opened.
And the fate of the six realms now rests on the shoulders of an untrained girl.

Ava of Elliedew

Just a month ago, Ava's life had been secluded, safe.
Now, her days are tainted with danger.
The Kyra insists she is connected to the elemental light of Enarie, but she wants nothing to do with this so-called gift. It frightens her more than any demon of the Shadow Realm ever could and learning to accept it is beginning to take its toll.

Rharn of the Kyra

His task was simple; find the Enarie Light and bring it to Tellus Deeth.
Well, it turned out to be a her, and from the moment they met, Rharn has struggled to keep his distance from Ava.
Duty will always come first.
So, why does he find it so bloody irritating when she turns to Baleden for comfort?

The Journey

The bond of friendship between Ava and the Kyra is tested as they parry a savage enemy who knows no mercy. A battle with swords they can handle, but how do they fight an adversary who can attack from within?
It’s now a race against time to reach the Gate to the Ancient Realm.
But first, they must find it.
And second, they have to open it!

From A.D. Broadby’s imaginative world of Legend and Myth comes the second instalment – Gate to the Ancient Realm -- where the spheres of magic, myth and monsters collide.